Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Chocolate Russian

I call this one the “Chocolate Russian.” There are probably at least a dozen other Chocolate Russian recipes out there but no doubt, this one is the best. As with our chocolate, we like to keep our ingredients minimal. And for all you vegetarians out there, this one is vegan!

What you’ll need:
Dark chocolate
Milky substance (we use almond milk)

Step 1:
Take your chocolate bar and break off a single serving portion. You know, maybe full row of your favorite bar, or more…

Step 2:
Combine your portion of chocolate and a couple of ounces of a milky substance into a microwave-safe cup (the Pyrex measuring cup works great). Throw it into the microwave for less than a minute but more than 30 seconds to get it up to about 110-degrees Fahrenheit. Give it a good stir. If it doesn’t mix well throw it into the microwave for another 20 seconds. Stir again. Repeat if necessary.

Step 3:

Now it’s time for the hard stuff. Add however much Vodka as you can tolerate. Stir well. No more, no less. Otherwise it’s going to taste pretty stiff or it’s going to leave you wondering where the buzz is. You now have the makings of a true Chocolate Russian.

Step 4:

Pour the contents into some drinking glasses. Gold-rimmed goblets work best. And enjoy!

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