Ritual Chocolate is a Colorado chocolate manufacturing company that is developing a line of direct-trade, organic, dark chocolate bars. We endeavor to revive the old European traditions of chocolate making using only the best cacao available. Through our refining process we strive to preserve the flavors of our single origin and single estate cacao. Ritual Chocolate is involved with the entire chocolate making process, from the bean to the bar, because we want to ensure that our values for the highest achievable quality are present every step of the way, including the traceability of ingredients, sustainable living for the cacao farmers, and inspiring our customers to explore the world of chocolate. 

 It all started after Anna and Robbie met in 2008. Of course, part of falling in love is the consumption of large amounts of chocolate. We tended to be fond of the darker chocolate and we began branching out to various producers. Slowly, chocolate went from being a consumed good to an interest. That interest then grew into an obsession and not before long we realized that we could make chocolate. Not only did we realize that we could make chocolate, we found that if we gave the beans particular care during each step of the process, we could produce a better tasting chocolate than anything we could find on the local grocer’s shelf.

Ritual Chocolate has been a long time in the making and we're finally bringing it all together. This blog is still heavily under construction, but we hope that it will act as a supplement of information and interest to our primary passion, which is chocolate making.


Anna & Robbie